Privacy Policy

Last Modified: November 2020

Panibal Ltd. ("Panibal") is strongly committed to protecting the privacy, security, and online safety of its users ("you" or "your"). Panibal has implemented applicable measures and procedures to protect you from the risks of theft, disruption, and unauthorized access to your online information and activities.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy"), which is a part of Panibal's Installer and Software Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), sets out in detail the data collection and process by Panibal when you use and install the Installer and Software. The information in this Privacy Policy is provided in accordance with the relevant data protection and privacy regulations, including, as pertinent to your jurisdiction, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Definitions used in this Privacy Policy but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Terms of Use.
Before downloading, accessing, or using the Installer or Software, Panibal recommended you to review this Privacy Policy carefully. Also, if you are a California resident, Panibal recommended you to review Panibal's specific CCPA Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Policy does not cover your interaction with content provided by third parties during your use of the Software or otherwise included as a link therein. Third parties' privacy practices may be different from Panibal's privacy practices. Panibal is not able to control third parties' privacy and security practices and shall not be liable or responsible for their breach or acts.


To provide Panibal's services information regarding your use of the Installer or Software, Panibal may collect and process certain data types.

The Data collected by Panibal includes both Personal and Non-Personal Data.

Personal Data- information that can identify or may with reasonable effort to identify an individual. Identifying information can be your name, telephone number, email address, IP address, etc.

Non-Personal Data- information that can not identify an individual (for example, technical data).

Panibal collects Personal Data by the following lawful principle (under the GDPR):
(i) Panibal will process online identifiers for operation and functionality purposes, subject to Panibal's legitimate interest.
(ii) Panibal will process Your contact information If you choose to contact Panibal on your own wish, and other information you provided Panibal for performing Panibal's agreement with You.
(iii) Panibal will process specific Personal Data, which requires your consent under applicable law, only if you will give your consent.


i. Panibal will collect your Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses and/or MAC addresses (Machine ID) address. Your IP and/or MAC address might be collected by Panibal or its service providers when you are using the Installer and/or Software. Panibal will collect this type of data to operate and provide you with the Installer and Software, and therefore it is collected and processed under Panibal's legitimate interest.

Additionally, Panibal will use this collected data to examine and track installations and make sure that any installed Software is suitable for your device. Panibal will do so by deciding which Software and what version will be available to Your device; by correlating errors with certain information for debugging purposes; and by creating and analyzing statistics for advancing, developing, and customizing the Installer and Software, as well as conducting research, performing statistical activities, detecting fraud, and security issues. This data may also be used by Panibal to calculate Panibal's business partners’ payments.

Please note that the IP address will be stored in a way that will not allow its identification, and once it is collected, it will become anonymous immediately (in this regard, Panibal will use standard industry practices).

ii. When you are using the Installer or Software, several technical data can be passed on to Panibal. The technical data that Panibal may collect in this regard will include date and time stamp, the type of your device, the operating system, approximate location, traffic source that leads you to the Installer, language and apps installed on your device. Panibal shell uses the technical data for operation purposes and for strengthening and upgrading the Installer and the Software and for administering internal statistics.

iii. If you choose to contact Panibal, you must provide Panibal with contact details such as name, organization name, or email address. Panibal will use the contact details to respond and provide you with the help of any other service you requested. If Panibal finds it requires, it may store the correspondence, for instance, for any future claim or to provide you any assistance or to improve Panibal's Installer or Software.

iv. If the Software that you installed is an additional browser extension or a search-related product, your search-related data may be collected. This data may include data related to the URLs of websites you visited and collected as cumulative Non-Personal Data. However, in some cases, this web browsing data may contain data that could be deemed personal data. Panibal will delete this type of data a short time after the collection. Panibal shall use this data to provide certain features of the Software, such as display relevant searches’-based advertising.


Though Panibal makes every effort to preserve your privacy, Panibal may need to share your Personal Data solely for the following limited purposes:

i. Panibal may share your Personal Data with third parties, subject to your consent. If Panibal does so, the shared data shall be subject to such third party’s privacy policies.

ii. Panibal will share your Personal Data, solely to the extent required under applicable law or regulation (including Panibal policies and agreements);

iii. Panibal may share Your Personal Data with its service providers. This share will be only to the extent needed to provide the features of the Installers and Software.

iv. In order to comply with applicable laws requirements, Panibal may share your data in the event of a corporate transaction (for example, sale of a substantial part of our business, merger, consolidation, or asset sale). In such a case, Panibal's affiliated companies or acquiring companies will acquire the rights and obligations described in this Privacy Policy.

v. Panibal may share your data with its affiliated companies solely for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

vi. Panibal may share online identifiers that she collects, with her business partners, in order to calculate payments or detect fraud regarding the Installer’s and Software’s services.


Panibal may process, store, or transfer Personal Data within the European Economic Area ("EEA"), US, and internationally. Panibal will take appropriate security measures to ensure that the Personal Data is maintained at an adequate level of data protection as required under applicable laws.


Since your privacy is important to Panibal, Panibal has implemented security measures to protect the Personal Data you share with us, including physical, electronic, and technical measures. Panibal is committed to protecting your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Notwithstanding the security measures, Panibal cannot guarantee that your Personal Data is fully secured, and Panibal cannot be responsible for such unauthorized transmission of data. Panibal does not provide any warranty, express or implied that it could prevent such unauthorized access.

If you feel that your privacy was violated by an individual attempt to abuse the Installer’s or Software’s services, please contact Panibal at: Panibal may retain your Personal Information for as long as needed to provide you with the Installer’s or Software’s services, to comply with Panibal's legal obligations, to resolve disputes regarding Panibal's users and enforce Panibal's agreements if applicable, all in accordance and compliance with applicable laws.

You shall not interpret this Privacy Policy as a commitment of Panibal to save your information, and Panibal may, at its own discretion, delete or avoid keeping any or all of your collected information.


Applicable data protection and privacy laws may provide you with the ability to exercise some rights regarding your Personal Data collected by Panibal. The exercise of the rights might be different in each jurisdiction according to the applicable law.

If you are a resident of the EEA or California State, the provisions of the GDPR and the CCPA, respectively, may provide you with some of the following rights:

i. The right to access and delete of your Personal Data.

ii. The right to amend and update your Personal Data.

iii. The right to object to the processing of your Personal Data.

iv. The right to limit the processing of your Personal Data.

v. The right to have your Personal Data "port" to a third-party.

vi. The right to withdraw your consent when consent is the legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data; and

vii. The right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority in your jurisdiction.

If you wish to exercise your rights, you are requested to download the Privacy Rights Request Form, and send it to the Panibal privacy team here: Panibal may ask you to add reasonable additional details to verify your identity. If you do not supply Panibal with the requested details, Panibal may reject your request. The process of responding to your request by the Panibal Privacy team may take up to one (1) month unless otherwise required or permitted under applicable law.


The Installer and Software are intended for individuals over the age of 16. Accordingly, Panibal does not knowingly solicit, collect, or save Personal Data from children under the age of 16 or as defined under applicable law. If Panibal later obtains actual knowledge that you are considered as a child under applicable law, Panibal will do her best effort to immediately delete your Personal Data. If you are not over 16 years old, THEN PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THE INSTALLER'S OR THE SOFTWARE'S SERVICES.


Please note that the Installer and Software do not respond to Do Not Track signals. For more information, please click the following link:


Panibal may update or amend this Privacy Policy occasionally at her sole discretion or if it is required under applicable laws. The latest and most updated version of this Privacy Policy will note in the "Updated" heading at the beginning of the heading. Panibal recommends you check this Privacy Policy from time to time. In case it is required under the relevant law, Panibal will send you an applicable notice.


You may contact us regarding any questions, comments, or concerns about our Privacy Policy or any other information related to your privacy rights at:

Panibal Ltd.
+1 (833) 953-2941